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Subject: College in the Desert-Chapter 16College in the Desert-Chapter XVI
Vacation Ends
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the Members Only Web Site.INTRODUCTION:This is a fictional story about how two young guys met at college, started
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the good times and the bad times of that relationship over the coming
years. The characters in “College in the Desert” are all fictional and any
semblance to real persons–living or deceased–is purely coincidental.DISCLAIMER:This fictional story is written for the gay reader in particular and
describes scenes of male nudity and sexual acts between two or more guys
that some readers may find inappropriate and/or unsuitable for their
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Chapter XVI-Seaside Vacation Ends
———————————————————————-It’s been a while, but in the last chapter the guys spent the day in Frisco
getting to know each other, riding the trolley’s, having dinner on the
wharf, and for the first time, Frank ended up staying the night at
Teddy’s. Frank and Teddy’s relationship, up until recently from the bits
and pieces Ted had told us, was more, shall we say lop-sided than he wished
and wanted. Frank had even pushed him around a few times to the point of
abuse, and Ted had considered leaving him; but they had grown up together
as friends, gone to the Young Lolita Toplist same school, and while their relationship did not
develop until Frank slowly slid out of the closet after school, it had
never been the two way street that Ted craved. Until that is…our day in
Frisco. Of course spending time walking hand in hand in the Castro can have
a certain effect on a couple’s freedom of expression as well. Frank seemed
to be more relaxed to be himself there, and around us in general.We had learned about Frank’s lousy childhood and his predisposition to the
way he treated Ted; we also saw a little change in the way he treated Ted
that day and how tender and appreciative he could be with Ted, as well as
how forgiving Ted could be in return.Back to Young Lolita Toplist our story…We agreed to meet for breakfast at the local diner this morning around ten
o’clock.”Hey babe, time to get up,” I wearily said to Juss as I poked him in the
ribs. “we’ve probably got to go get the other love birds going too.”"Remind me again, what are we getting up so early for.”"Breakfast, and if I remember right it was your idea.”"Oh yeah…my big mouth…it’s your job to put my big foot in it, so where
were you?”"You had your hand in my lap, I couldn’t talk.”"Ahhhh…it’s all coming back to me now. Well, we gonna get going or what?”"Beat ‘ya to the shower.”We called the guys Young Lolita Toplist at Ted’s room Young Lolita Toplist to see if they were ready for breakfast.Ted answered. “How’s ’bout we go in your car this time? It’s just down the
road.”"No problem. Meet us in about forty-five minutes out front?”"Okay. Then we can go from there to Santa Cruz for the day and ride a few
rides if you guys want.”"Sounds good. Frank up for another day of us?”"Oh yeah. I’ll tell ‘ya about our night later on, but I’m so happy now
being with him. He is opening up more and more and so am I. It’s like we
are starting all over again. Ouch…you stinker, quit pinching my
butt. You’ve had it now…’gotta go. Young Lolita Toplist See you guys in a few. Click.I looked at Justin and smiled. “I think those two are in love…again…or
for the first time at least. I’m really happy for the both of them, and I’m
even happier that I found you.”Justin was half in, half out of the bed. I walked over and stretched my
body over his, planting a solid kiss on his sexy lips. Instantly we both
were hard and in sliding our bodies back and forth over each other, cock to
cock, pre-cum lubricating our stomachs and driving both into a frenzy that
led to one of the quickest orgasms we had ever had together. My head was
spinning, I was out of breathe, and I felt like passing our for a few
seconds there. It was like we hadn’t had any sex in months. Justin was
making the same motions, but adding a few grunts and groans in.I looked down at him, looking at his perfect face, beautiful eyes, and
gently touched his right cheek with the backside of my hand. He smiled
slightly, enhancing his already gorgeous looks.”I am so lucky that I have you by my side. You’re everything I ever wanted
in a mate and I love you so much. I want you to know that every day and if
I should ever forget to tell you that you need to slap me.”"Gladly!”"We better get to the shower and meet the guys. We’ve got about 30 minutes
and we’re driving. Give me your slimy hand lovely, I’ll pull you up.”Thirty five minutes later we pulled up in front of the office to pick up
the guys.”That thing’s sort of small isn’t it,” Frank said.”We can all squeeze in. We’re not going very far. That’s what laps are
for.”"Okay,” Ted said, “sounds good to me. I’ll sit in your lap Frank, and no
poking me again until later, if you know what I mean.”Frank blushed a little and we all laughed. Which way guys to breakfast,
we’re famished. “Turn right,” came a simultaneous voice from the rear.And so went the rest of the week, sun, more burns, more Blue Goo, a few
more trips, fun times with Frank and Ted, and plenty of quality alone time
as Justin and I got to know each other more intimately than ever. But the
vacation was drawing to a close and school was coming up.We all decided to go out one last evening together for dinner at a nice
restaurant overlooking the ocean. Ted’s dads knew of the perfect place and
we invited them along to celebrate all the new friendships. Apparently this
place was on a cliff on the west coast of Frisco where a very famous spa
used to be and also used to overlook another well known tourist attraction,
a carnival on the beach area with roller coasters, rides, and all sorts of
things. We left early so that we could do a little exploring before dinner
as those facilities were no longer there.We were a little squished in in the back seat, but since we were all pretty
thin we managed to fit nice and comfortable, all snuggled together. Ted’s
dads were chit chatting up front, Frank and Ted were resting their heads
together and Juss and I were doing the same. What a perfect day.We had reservations Young Lolita Toplist
and arrived about an hour early. The “Older guys”
decided the walk down the cliffs to the ruins was too steep for them so
they went into the bar to wait for us to get back. The four of us headed
down the rocky crags to the beach and walked over to the ruins of the old
spa. We couldn’t believe how big Young Lolita Toplist
it used to be. The baths were still there
and all the original foundations along with a few of the
buildings. Everything was all rusted so we didn’t dare go out or climb on
anything so we headed back to the restaurant. Coming back we had walked
along the beach all the way, but now we seemed to be a little confused.”Hey Ted, wasn’t this all sand when we came over?”"Yeah, it was, but the tide must have been out and I never thought to
check.”Frank followed that with a “duh, you’d think that a couple of old salties
like us would’ve thought of something like that.”The water was about a foot high at this point and getting higher and we
needed to get around a huge rock point before we could see the beach where
the trail led up the cliffs.”Well, can everyone swim?” I asked, presuming we all could, especially
since Frank and Ted grew up on the water.”Ummm…I have a problem with that,” Frank said. “Nobody ever taught me to
swim. The best I can do is doggy paddle.”"Well, Justin and I are both excellent swimmers and have life-saver
ranking. Do you feel safe with us if we go for it?”"I guess so. Maybe we can walk it most of the way and it won’t be that
deep.”"How about you Jim? Are you okay with the swim if we have to?”"No problem, I grew up in the water and swam on the school team.”"Okay, there are going to be some strong currents because the tides heading
into the bay. Stick close to the rock and each other. Everybody take your
t-shirts off, tie them together end to end to that you can get at least one
arm back through for lack of anything better so we don’t lose anyone.”Once we’d done that and each put one arm back into the shirts we are locked
in a line together.”Justin is the strongest swimmer so he’ll be Young Lolita Toplist in back in case someone
becomes disconnected, I’ll be in front, then Frank, then Ted. Everyone
ready?”"Ready! Okay, here we go, and Young Lolita Toplist by the way I love all you guys, especially
you babe,” as I quickly kissed Justin. Frank and Ted did the same and off
we started.At first it wasn’t too bad walking around the rock, holding tightly to it
with our fingers. The water was about a foot deep and getting deeper. I
also noticed that the currents were picking up little by little. I knew
that rip tides could form rapidly under these conditions and how quickly
they could pulls us Young Lolita Toplist all out to sea before we knew it.It wasn’t long only a few minutes before we were up to our waists and
feeling like we hadn’t gotten anywhere. The waves and foam were now
pounding against our backs as we clung to the rough rocks, pounding us
against the rough rocks. I could feel my legs being bashed against the
roughness of the rock and knew the others were getting the same thing, but
we kept on going as I shouted encouragement into the air.Within minutes the water was up to our necks and we were now swimming;
looking back to make sure we were all still together I pointed Justin out,
away from the rock and started swimming as hard as I could to get outside
the current running against the ricks. Being too close and we could be
smashed into them. Once again I looked back to make sure everyone was
together; although Frank was struggling and going under occasionally, Ted
would reach down real quick and pull him right back up. On one of my head
turns I looked up and could see the lights of the restaurant above us so I
knew we were at least close to the other side.After what seemed like hours of endless fighting against strong currents,
swallowing sea water now and then, having to turn around and check on the
others, and at a time when we were all just about ready to give up swimming
against the strong incoming currents, I spotted the beach. Turning
backwards I signaled to Justin to start in, letting the waves carry Young Lolita Toplist us
toward the beach, hoping there were no rip tides at that particular spot. I
also noticed that Frank had given up swimming and Ted was holding his head
above water, swimming backwards in a rescue swim; Young Lolita Toplist
so it was up to Justin
and I to get us in. Now there were two of us, totally exhausted, pulling
two more, against the current. We formed sort of a horseshoe around the
others and with a burst of energy and the luck of a huge wave we were all
lifted up and deposited in a heap on the wet, sandy shore. Frank was
coughing up water and needed medical attention. I was sure he had gone
under more than a few times as we all had. But the rest of us seemed to be
well enough to lay there and just breathe for a while.Apparently we had taken well over an hour and Ted’s dads had called for
help. There was an ambulance waiting on the beach to take a look at all of
us. The three of us seemed to be alright, except for the cuts and bruises
on our legs from the rocks, but Frank needed to be taken to the hospital
for treatment against pneumonia as he had swallowed so much water. The
paramedics told us all that it was more of a precautionary measure than
anything. We all wanted to go with him but it was against the rules. After
explaining Frank’s family circumstances Teds dads finally convinced them to
let Ted go with him to answer Young Lolita Toplist any questions they would have and the
hospital would have. We would follow in the carWe were pretty worried for Frank, but one of the Coast Guardsmen came up to
us before we left and told us that we should have stayed put and they would
have airlifted us out, however, given the way we chose to make the swim, we
did a professional job of it and should be very proud of saving all of our
lives.Ted’s dad spoke up and said, “these guys are inseparable and always will
be. The two in the ambulance are part of my family, but these other two are
now the newest members of the family and I’m very grateful to both of them
for saving my boys’ lives.”The Coast Guard guy smiled, patted us on the back, took down everyone’s
names for his report, then let us get Young Lolita Toplist going to the hospital to catch up
with Ted and Frank.Before getting into the car we Young Lolita Toplist both got big hugs from our new dads who were
both in tears. During all the experience time had seemed to stand still,
but in actuality, it had taken us over two hours to get around that
rock. Everybody thought we had drowned or been swept into the bay. I think
that’s when it hits us how close we all came to dying that late afternoon
and how stupid we had been to have gone down there not knowing what we had
gotten ourselves into. We started to climb into the back seat, shivering,
but Walt said, “wait a minute boys.” He popped open the trunk and pulled
out some blankets.He handed them to us and said, “Here, we’ll hold these up so you can yank
those wet clothes off and wrap yourselves up in these warm blankets as
quick as you can. There’s plenty of blankets so leave one on the floor to
put your wet clothes on. Climb ob in, snuggle up together and shiver as
much as you can to get warmed up…it won’t take long.”"Oh great,” Justin said as we both stripped, “just the ticket. Thank you.”"Don’t worry about the seats, I’ll get them cleaned. It’s more important
that get to the hospital right now. Hang on!”I had no idea where the hospital was, and didn’t care, all I wanted was
Justin wrapped around me, holding onto me and telling me everything was
alright. And I was doing the same to him. There are not many times that I’m
not in control, but now was one of those that I was glad that it was over
and I could relieve my role as a leader for a change. I don’t know why I
always felt like I had to be in charge, but most people seemed comfortable
being followers. Slowly the shivering settled down as we warmed up; our
heads were Young Lolita Toplist intertwined as close as possible, contributing to a sense of
closeness, comfort, even a higher sense of love than we had experienced
before. We started to fall asleep from the sheer exhaustion of what we’d
been through. For both of us it was a fitful, short rest, only interrupted
when we pulled up to the emergency room. We all went inside and Walt
explained to the nurse who we were and asked for Frank’s room. The doctor
was still in there, and Ted was on a bed next to him. When the Dr. looked
at us he called for two more beds and had us all lay down to be checked
out. Although he was more concerned about the possibility of pneumonia with
Frank, he said that his blood work, so far, indicated that he seemed to be
in the clear. Frank was on oxygen and so was Ted. They put both of us on it
as well, as a precaution, and ordered chest x-rays and blood work for all
of us.”How you feeling Frank?” I asked.”Pretty good. Thanks man for saving my life, all of you.” He and Ted were
close enough together to be able to reach out and hold hands. Ted was in
tears.”I don’t know what I would have done without you. If you’d gone under and I
couldn’t hold you up I was ready to go with you.” By now they were both in
tears, as well as Justin and I, and the nurse standing around the corner,
and Ted’s dads.They walked in beside our beds one at a time and gave each of us a hug and
a kiss on the forehead. “Neither of us could have handled losing any of you
boys. Promise you won’t ever do something like that again though.”"We promise.” came a quiet reply from all of us.Right about then the portable x-ray machine came rumbling into the room, so
one-by-one they took several chest x-rays of each of us. Everything was
computerized so it didn’t take long for the doctor to come back and gives
us the good news that everything was all clear, but that he wanted Frank on
a regimen of antibiotics for ten days as a precaution. A few minutes later
the blood work reports came back with no major problems. He also brought
jammies for all of us to put on, real tops and bottoms for the weary
sailors. Ted’s dad had taken care of the insurance for all of us and said
he would pay any remainder of the bills he was so happy to have everybody
together again. The Dr. just shook his head as we were pulling ourselves
together.”Do you guys know how many people drown out at that point every year doing
just what you did? I see a lot of them that never walk out of here, or are
never even found. That particular spot is one of the fastest races for
incoming tides and rip tides in the outer bay and has claimed it’s share of
lives. Whatever you guys did together saved your lives, but I wouldn’t want
to see you back in here again. Is that a promise?”"We promise Doc., and thank you very much for keeping us together.”"I just do my job, but it sure is nice to see someone walk away from that
place. Now all four of you get those prescriptions filled for that crème to
put on your legs and follow the instructions the nurse gave you for keeping
them covered for a few days to prevent infections.”After signing the release forms and putting on our fancy tops and bottoms,
and some slippers, we headed back to the car to head home, one exhausted
bunch of boys having learned their lesson, but pretty proud of ourselves
for using our heads to get out of the trouble we got into.Franks was the first one that spoke up after we left the hospital. “Is
anyone hungry?”Three voices from the back joined in the chorus, “food, food, food!”"What, you guys are hungry after all that?”"You bet we are. Starving actually.” Ted said. ” How’s about something a
little closer to home that we can pick up and eat there though. Is that
alright with everyone else?”Walt said, “Well, if you feel like that and are that hungry, how about we
stop at a fast food here so you guys can get something Young Lolita Toplist in your guts, then
when we get home I cook us up a big barbecue of spare ribs, steaks,
whatever you want. It’s up to you…I know you’re probably tired, but
Justin and Doug only have another night or so before they have to
leave. What does everybody say?”We all looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders at the same time, and
Ted said, “sounds like a plan. We’ll just stop at a drive-by and get
something lite and something to drink and then head home. Actually guys,
wanna go in to order? We could be the four Musketeers dressed all the
same.”"Hey, that sounds cool, let’s do that, can we dad? We’ll only be a minute.”"He he, don’t you boys ever grow up, okay.”"What do you mean, we are grown up.”"Never mind,” as two hands reached across the front seat and Young Lolita Toplist
held each
other firmly. Here’s a fast food. Let me pull in. I’ll give you some money
and get us something to drink while you’re there.”"Thanks dad, love you”"Love you too.”Needless to say we created quite a sight walking into the fast food place
with hospital clothes on. They’re pretty thin and you can see right through
them…we even got a few wolf whistles…some from a few guys. The counter
girl didn’t know what to do with us and got all flustered. We told her we
were hospital escapees and heading out of state but got hungry. Sort of
like that movie, “Band of Brothers.” After we messed with head for a few
more minutes she finally figured out our order and got it to the counter. I
have to admit that we looked pretty cool all dressed the same, the “Almost
Drowned, Terrible Four”…or something like that.As we were walking back to the car I said to Justin, “wait until Jeff hears
about this one. Which reminds me, we should call him tonight and see how
they’re doing. I haven’t talked to him in a few days.”"Great, after dinner and before sex…or sleep…or whatever happens…”"Love you babe”"Remember this…831?”"I do, since I thought of it and 8312 to you”"What the HELL are you two talking about?” Frank asked.”Let’s get in the car so we can get headed home first do dad can get
started on dinner and we’ll explain a little about it to you.”After getting back on the road I looked at Ted, who seemed to be the most
interested.”We have a code system between us that goes way back before Justin and I
even met. When Jeff and I were being pursued by the gang members we had
undercover special agents who lived with us, our home was filled with
special hiding bunkers, and we all had special codes, especially Jeff and I
so that we could communicate easily without giving away any information to
anybody. It became sort of our own language. That eventually carried over
into each of our relationships for safety reasons and we’ve added other
codes into the relationship. For example, what we just said, 831 and
8312. 831 means 8 letters, three words,1 meaning…any guesses?”"Ummm….,” Frank spoke up and hesitantly, in a quiet voice asked, I Love
you? 8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning.”"Exactly. So naturally 8312 is the response and no one else has a clue what
you’re talking about. Where there’s a will there’s a way. When someone
picks on you because of what you two have together, use your own language
to communicate. It might just save your life one day.”"That’s so cool!”"At the time we developed it it was necessary for our survival. We went
through quite a lot together. I’m talking about Jeff and I. The closest we
came to dying was when a gang shot out our house and then entered it
looking to kill us, even with our guards there with us. We used our codes
to communicate our whereabouts and I managed to get Jeff into our bunker as
the police arrived, but I crawled over bodies and everything getting there
myself. We survived, but just barely. Justin, can I tell them how we met?”"Sure”"My security guard retired after that incident to spend time with his
family and Justin became my new protector. He comes with many surprises and
abilities that I’ll leave for him to tell if he wants, but he’s a special
police officer assigned to protect me who I happened to fall in love with
almost immediately. We live together, go to the same University, but study
different majors. So you never know what life is going deal you or where
it’s going to lead you. I would say the best advice we could give you guys
is to love each other always, forget the little things, compromise always,
and all things are little things. And the last things, especially for you
Frank…never, never walk away from Ted after an argument or a fight and
let the sun set on it before resolving it. The longer you let it go the
bigger it becomes and you will hurt each other so deeply that you may lose
the best and most important person in your life over naught. Promise Justin
and I, both of you, that you’ll do this for each other from now on.”Simultaneously they both said, “We promise,” to which Frank added, “I
thought I had a bad life early on, but there’s always someone worse off
than you.”"Remember that thought.”"Now, is that food cold already?”We didn’t pick up much to eat because Walt and Pete were going to cook
dinner on the barby.We were only a few minutes away from home now and couldn’t wait to stand on
familiar, dry ground again. Although it had been an exhausting day, I Young Lolita Toplist
pretty good. I could tell Frank was tired, but Young Lolita Toplist Ted seemed to be doing fine.As we pulled into the reserved spot for the owners and piled out, I grabbed
the wet towels and asked Walt where I should put them.”Just throw them in the laundry room and the maids will run them through
the wash in the morning. We might want to leave the doors open tonight on
the car, so I better pull it into the garage and turn on the heat to dry
everything out.”"What else can I do to help?”"Well, are you four Musketeers going to wear those prison gowns for the
rest of the night?”"Yup!”"Well, okay then. If everyone, except Frank wants to help get some food
prepared we can get dinner prepared. I think Frank should lay down and
rest…that is unless he feels otherwise.”"I’m doing okay, but a few minutes rest would do me good. How ’bout I help
out get things started, then lay down for a few while it’s cooking and
catch a few zzzz’s then?”That sounds good, but don’t feel afraid to stop whenever you need to,
you’ve had Young Lolita Toplist the worst of it today and we’re all worried about you…what are
the tears for?”"Nobody ever really cared whether I was hurting inside or outside before,
I’m always supposed to just suck it up and take it like a man. All of you
treat me like I belong to a real family and I’m not sure how to handle it,
but it’s opening up some old wounds and memories that I don’t know how to
deal with. They don’t all hurt, and in fact, most of them feel good to
belong, it’s just that they are new feelings and I don’t know how to feel.”Ted reacted quickly by walking over to him, wrapping his arms around his
waist tightly, looked straight into his eyes and said to him, “listen babe,
the past can’t hurt you anymore. We’ve known each other since we Young Lolita Toplist were
little kids and have spent so much time together, but now we’re in a whole
different Young Lolita Toplist place and Young Lolita Toplist time. You’re no longer alone, you don’t have to fight
any demons alone, and I promise I will always be there for you. I won’t let
you run away anymore and hide, I won’t let you hide behind anger
anymore…none of that is going to work. Together…you and I…can handle
anything that comes along. My parents have accepted you into the family, we
have two of the very best friends in the world we owe our lives
to…together there’s nothing we can’t handle. And what Doug was saying in
the car on the way home is all true and something we both need to work
on. Do you trust me?”With every fiber of my being. You were prepared to die with me today if I
couldn’t make it. Nobody has ever said anything like that to me before. I
can’t even comprehend it, but I felt it in my soul when we were in the
water and I knew I had to keep going because I wanted to live and be with
you.”"Then as we begin our relationship we’re going to have to push aside some
of the old stuff that used to happen and remember what we’ve learned this
week. I love you so much I can’t be without you. Are you in this
relationship with me for the wonderful ride it can be?”Justin and I watched, mesmerized as the two of them stood there for what
seemed Young Lolita Toplist like an eternity, eye to eye, hands held tightly together, tears
streaming down the cheeks, spirits scanning deep into each others
souls. Even Walt and Pete stopped what they were doing and watched.After what seemed like an eternity Frank leaned forward and tenderly kissed
Ted on the lips. Then again a little more, and more. Then he pulled back
and a big smile broke out on his face and he spoke to Teddy.”I have always loved you, even since we were little kids, but I couldn’t
accept Young Lolita Toplist myself and my parents couldn’t accept me. Now, finally, I know the
width and depth of true love and that dreams can come true. My past anger
and frustrations came from not knowing that love is unconditional. You’re
the first person who has ever accepted me for who I am, with all my good
point and all my faults and has not runaway or given up. The only one. I
shall never leave you; I promise to always be by your side, to protect you,
share with you, and learn about life together as your one and only
husband. We are one from now on. I want it…I need it to feel whole and
that’s what you give me and that’s what I want to give you.”Justin and I were holding onto each other, remembering when we made similar
vows to each other and feeling like we had just renewed ours. I looked over
at Ted’s dads and they were in exactly the same position.”So, who’s hungry?” I asked. Apparently that was the ice breaker because
instantly the room broke out in laughter, drawers started flying in and
out, people started moving, the barbecue was lit, meat was cut and
marinating, cold beer – the most important item – was in a cooler,
and everybody was soon sitting at the table enjoying a fine dinner. Frank
had forgotten all about his nap and had his hand in Ted’s, Ted’s dads were
watching the both of them in amazement, and we were enjoying a fine dinner
in a fine restaurant.Tomorrow we had to start packing up and leave the following morning
early. What a week it had been What an unusual and exciting week. It always
seems that vacations are either too short or too long; this one was one of
those that could have easily have become a lifetime stop over for both of
us. But for now we had school to finish and Justin had his brand new Dojo
to get going. But I think we’d found out future home area.After dinner and cleanup, we said our good nights to everyone and headed
for our bungalow. We were still wearing our hospital clothes, dirty
hospital clothes. As soon as we were inside the clothes were off, on the
floor and we were on the bed. Tired or not, we were both so horny nothing
could have pried us apart.”Kiss me you fool,” Juss said. “I’ve been waiting all evening, watching you
walk around in those see through pants, your cock outlined so nicely and
all I wanted to do was reach out and touch you…every part of you. Then I
wanted to lick you…every part of you, then I wanted to have wild sex with
you. And that’s what we’re going to do.”With that he rolled over on top of me and as the cool evening breeze lifted
the curtains up and down, he began gliding his hands up and down my body as
I did the same. Cock against cock we slid back and forth as we investigated
every inch of each others bodies with our hands, feet, skin…aroused by
the sensations of touch and the thought of things to come.His tongue, sliding around my neck sent shivers down my spine and up my
anus, making me squirm, knowing what would soon happen there. My body and
mind was melding with his as we became one. Outside the fog rolled through
the parking light and through the window, raising goosebumps on both of
us…the same goosebumps that Frank and Ted were feeling as Franks hand
reached down and Young Lolita Toplist
slowly massaged Ted’s pre-cum covered cock.All is well in the B&B by the sea…——————————————————Well….Next the boys will be headed back to the city, school and Justin’s
new Dojo. And what’s going to happen with Jeff and his honey, Tim and the
family?Remember, if you want access to the new and revised Members Only site, sign
up as a member at the address at the top and follow the directions on the
members page.Thanks again for your support.
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